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Meetings take place in the Town Hall on Mondays unless stated otherwise

For minutes and agendas please click on the links above.

14 May            Annual Town Council            
19 November         Asset Management
Revised date moved from 12th Nov
21 May            Planning/Asset Management
26 November         Planning
28 May            (Bank Holiday) Free Week
3 December           Full Council
4 June             Town Council
10 December        Free Week
11 June          Planning
17 December         Planning & Community                                            Development
Revised date - moved from 10th Dec
18 June           Community Development
25 June           Extraordinary Town Council  
7 January                Planning/Asset Management
2 July               Planning                    
14 January             Free Week
9 July               Asset Management   
21 January             Community Development/                                      Town Council (Budget)
Revised date moved from 14th Jan
16 July             Free Week
28 January             Planning         
23 July             Planning & Policy & Performance Policy & Performance postponed 
4 February             Policy & Performance
6 August          Community Development 
revised date - moved from 30th July
11 February           Free Week 
18 February           Planning/Asset Management
Revised date moved from 11th Feb
13 August       Planning         
25 February           Community Development
20 August       Asset Management   
4 March                 Full Council          
28 Aug            (Bank Holiday) Free Week
11 March               Planning
3 September   Planning/Full Council
18 March               Free Week           
10 September Free Week
25 March               Planning
17 September   Community Development      Revised date  moved from 10th Sept
1 April                     Asset Management
24 September Planning/Asset Management
8 April                     Planning
1 October        Free Week
15 April                  Policy & Performance
8 October        Free Week
23 April (Tues)      Community Development
15 October      Planning
29 April                  Annual Town Meeting    
22 October      Policy & Performance
7 May (Tues)         Planning  
29 October      Community Development
13 May                   Annual Council Meeting
5 November    Planning
12 November  Free Week 


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What's on in Melksham

Fly Fishing Guild
Shaw Country Hotel
Wed Jun 19 @12:00AM
Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
Sat Jun 22 @10:00AM - 12:30PM
Melksham Town Hall
Mon Jun 24 @ 9:30AM -
Floral Arrangement Society

Tue Jun 25 @11:00AM -
Fly Fishing Guild
Shaw Country Hotel
Wed Jun 26 @12:00AM
Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
Sat Jun 29 @10:00AM - 12:30PM
Melksham Town Hall
Mon Jul 01 @ 9:30AM -
Floral Arrangement Society

Tue Jul 02 @11:00AM -
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