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COVID-19 Reponse

The Town Council is working hard as part of the Melksham Community Hub to help and support those who are vulnerable. If you would like support or would like to put yourself foward as a volunteer please sign up by clicking on the link. https://melkshamcommunity.co.uk/

On the 11th February, the Town Council adopted the Masterplan for the King George V playing Fields. Along with this plan they have also outlined the groups of works to be carried out in phases as soon as funding for each phase is available. 


The proposed phasing is as follows: 

Phase 1A - due Spring/Summer 2019 

- Splashpad Installation 

- Additional Pathway and Trim Trail (Outdoor Gym Equipment) 

- Seating Area in front of the Pavilion 

- Services for the events/lighting etc. 

- Sensory Garden/ Tree Walk (works to begin) 

Phase 1B 

- Play Area (Area C as per design) 

- Adventure Area (area A as per deisgn) 

Phase 2 

- Cafe 

- Toilets 

Phase 3 

- Nature Trail 

- Sports Area 

- Car Park 


The Council very much hope to have completed all the works as soon as possible, with Phase 1A due to be completed in time for the Summer Holidays this year (2019). Alongside the plans for the improvements to King George V Playing Fields, the Council will also be looking to reopen the Bath Road toilets, which will benefit the park users. 

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