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The Town Hall is currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Most of the time our team are working from home so the best way to contact us is by email at townhall@melksham-tc.gov.uk, or by phone on 01225 704 187. Click here for a statement from the Town Council

Wiltshire Council are holding a consultation on the emerging A350 Melksham By-pass scheme.

All the information and a consultation documents are here 


The Millennium mosaic was created as a commemorative community project in 2000 by Gill Goodhind, to celebrate the many groups and clubs in Melksham at the turn of the millennium. It has been a focal point in the King George V Playing Field for twenty years, a huge spiral of stone slabs, including 45 individual mosaics depicting each group. Now with the improvements taking place in the park, Melksham Town Council is pleased to have the opportunity to recreate and update the project.

As part of the King George V Playing Fields improvements being carried out by the Town Council, a new path is being installed to improve accessibility in the park. This provides a great opportunity to move the mosaic from its current position to a new spot where it can be enhanced and updated.


When the mosaic was unveiled in 2000, the late Gill Goodhind said ‘The project was to make a permanent memorial to the community groups and I think we have succeeded. There are many groups who have made a real difference in the town and this is one way to remember them.’ Twenty years on, with a rejuvenation of the project, Colin Goodhind said, ‘It was always the intention that the mosaic be a growing memorial, so new groups could be added to the mosaic. It’s a great way for people to get involved in creating this display board – a permanent advert for what Melksham has to offer, and a great opportunity for people to get together and keep it going.’

The mosaic is being carefully removed from its current location and kept in storage until its recreation in the autumn as part of the newly developing Sensory Garden to the east of the park. The Town Council would love to include those who helped with its initial construction – including forming workshops - and to invite new participants from groups and clubs that are new in Melksham.


At the moment we are compiling a list of interested groups and organisations, with a view to get this project moving in September. Previous groups are listed below, and more information will be added here as the project develops. If you would like to be involved – either as part of an existing or a new group, or as a resident who would like to help out - please get in touch by emailing miriamzaccarelli@melksham-tc.gov.uk.

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List of groups and clubs included in the original Millennium Mosaic

  1. Melksham Millennium Mosaic
  2. Melksham Town Council
  3. Rainbow Day Centre
  4. (missing)
  5. Adventure Unit
  6. Melksham Independent News
  7. Tourist Information Centre
  8. Gateway Club
  9. First Brownies
  10. Lowbourne Junior School
  11. German Twinning Association
  12. Friends of Melksham Hospital And Community
  13. (Missing)
  14. The Sean Project
  15. WI
  16. Saint John Ambulance
  17. 60 Plus Club
  18. (Missing)
  19. Melksham Pearlies
  20. Wilts and Berks Canal Trust
  21. Good Neighbours Club
  22. Friends of Forest and Melksham
  23. George Ward School
  24. Saint Michael's School and Queens Way Centre
  25. Townswomen's Guild
  26. Women's Royal Voluntary Service
  27. French Twinning Association
  28. Ebenezer Chapel
  29. Melksham Bluepool
  30. Christie Miller Sports Centre
  31. Young Farmers
  32. Saint Michaels Wives Group
  33. Forest And Sandridge School
  34. Melksham Historical Association
  35. Melksham Lions Club
  36. Aloeric School
  37. Bowerhill Primary School
  38. Chamber of Commerce
  39. The Link Scheme
  40. Mothers Union of Saint Michaels
  41. PHAB
  42. Lowborne Junior and Nursery
  43. Scout Group
  44. Melksham Music and Drama
  45. Melksham Family of Churches




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