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COVID-19 Reponse

The Town Council is working hard as part of the Melksham Community Hub to help and support those who are vulnerable. If you would like support or would like to put yourself foward as a volunteer please sign up by clicking here. 

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Melksham’s Neighbourhood Plan is moving on swiftly, with planning consultants Place Studio having recently been appointed to move the draft Neighbourhood Plan forward.

Melksham’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are delighted with this appointment and look forward to working with Place Studio in bringing the plan forward ready for public consultation.

It is planned that public consultation will take place in the Autumn, which is your final opportunity to comment. Look out for information in the local press, social media and via the Town Council and Parish Council’s websites, as well as the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan website.

The Steering Group is made up of members of both Melksham Town Council, Melksham Without Parish Council, Chamber, Melksham Area Board, as well as representatives from the community with interests in environment and climate change, historic and built environment, business and health.

Meetings take place the last Wednesday of every month, which members of the public are welcome than welcome to attend. Look out for an agenda on the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan website, as well as the Town Council and Melksham Without Parish Council’s websites.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work to:

• Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood.
• Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built.
• Identify and protect important local green spaces.
• Influence what new buildings should look like.

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