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COVID-19 Reponse

The Town Council is working hard as part of the Melksham Community Hub to help and support those who are vulnerable. If you would like support or would like to put yourself foward as a volunteer please sign up by clicking on the link. https://melkshamcommunity.co.uk/

Over the weekend there were several large gatherings of kids at some of the play areas, following the government guidelines Melksham Town Council have come to the decision to close all play areas including the skate park in Melksham until furthur notice.

We cannot guarantee your safety due to the outbreak of COVID -19.
Social distancing means keeping two metres away from people.
You may have the virus and not developed symptoms, but you can still pass it onto others.
By socialising in this area, you are putting the lives of yourself and others at risk of contracting COVID -19.
Please heed the Government advice about social distancing and stay at home.

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