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COVID-19 Reponse

The Town Council is working hard as part of the Melksham Community Hub to help and support those who are vulnerable. If you would like support or would like to put yourself foward as a volunteer please sign up by clicking on the link. https://melkshamcommunity.co.uk/


‘Thank you KEY WORKERS and VOLUNTEERS’ is the message from the people of Melksham as a new flag was raised over Melksham Town Hall this week.

The huge blue and white flag symbolises the town’s appreciation for those working in the NHS, key worker and volunteer roles, and showcases the town’s amazing community spirit.

In common with other towns, this distinctive flag will fly until we are through the worst ravages of this devastating virus and its lowering will mark our turning point into recovery.

Children across the town have also been creating pictures of rainbows, as symbols of hope and positivity, putting them in their windows and leaving them in the town hall mailbox during daily exercise, for the Town Council to do similarly.

Town Clerk, Linda Roberts said: “the response of the community in Melksham and the surrounding areas to this pandemic, has been amazing.   The Town Council team is working with Melksham Without Parish Council, Wiltshire Council’s Melksham Area Board, Age Friendly Melksham and a huge, incredibly dedicated, team of volunteers to support the elderly, the vulnerable and those self-isolating in our communities. This comprehensive support work goes on 7 days a week and is in great demand from appreciative residents.”

Anyone in the Melksham area needing support, is encouraged to contact Melksham Community on support@melkshamcommunity.co.uk or 01225 809 265, 7 days a week.

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