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The Town Hall is currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

We’re operating occasional skeleton staffing in the building, Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm. Most of the time our team are working from home so the best way to contact us is by email at townhall@melksham-tc.gov.uk, or by phone on 01225 704 187. 

Wiltshire Council are holding a consultation on the emerging A350 Melksham By-pass scheme.

All the information and a consultation documents are here 


Melksham Town Council is thrilled to be reopening one of our town’s most-loved public amenities this weekend. 

This is the culmination of a great deal of work across our teams.  Commissioning the splashpad each season involves a lot of preliminary work including pre-opening maintenance, water testing and balancing – essential features of a safe operation.  When you overlay this with the added complexity this year of ensuring the facility operates in a Covid-19 secure manner, it becomes easy to understand why relatively few splashpad facilities  of this particular type have opened up across the country this year. 

As last year, it is important that all children visiting the Splashpad facility, are accompanied by parents or guardians at all times as our staff and councillors are there to help operate the facility and not to supervise the children.

Melksham’s Splashpad will be operating a little differently this year to ensure that risks associated with Covid-19 are mitigated.  We will be asking our Splashpad visitors to wear a coloured wristband.  Groups of children will be allowed into the facility for fifteen-minute slots at a time.  When leaving the splashpad, wristbands will be returned and sanitised, and the next group will go in, wearing a different wristband colour.  This is to ensure there is enough space to play safely on the pad, but also to make sure everyone gets a turn.  Of course, children exiting the Splashpad are then welcome re-join the queue for another go! 

Track and trace forms will be provided for parents and guardians to complete, a one-way system for the toilets has been devised and we will be providing additional members of staff at the Splashpad to help keep things safe and running smoothly.  Waterproof nappies, if required, will be provided free of charge.  The Splashpad will be run by members of our Town Hall office, Assembly Hall and Amenity teams.  Where we require additional help, this will be volunteered by Melksham Town Councillors.

Let’s all hope for another month of hot weather, and we look forward to seeing you up in the park soon!

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