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Melksham Town Council reaffirmed its commitment to the future of the Town’s Assembly Hall at an extraordinary meeting of the council held on 9th January 2016, where it described the Assembly Hall as a valued community asset and resource located at the heart of the community it serves.  The Council recognised that it plays a key role as part of the social and recreational fabric of the town by promoting and hosting an eclectic mix of events and activities.

The extraordinary meeting was called to look at making a financial contribution towards the design costs of relocating and incorporating the Assembly Hall in the new Melksham Health and Wellbeing Centre (previously described as Melksham Campus) located at Melksham House.

Having explored the options with Wiltshire Council and taking into consideration all the information that was made available, the Town Council decided that, reluctantly, it was unable to further progress exploring the proposals.

The Town Council looks forward to the Health and Well Being Centre coming to fruition at the earliest possible opportunity and sincerely hopes that Wiltshire Council will expedite its development accordingly.

The Town Council is committed to the Assembly Hall’s future and will now look to its redevelopment in its current location and will put measures in place to pursue this objective. 

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