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The New Town Council website is here: https://www.melksham-tc.gov.uk/


Wiltshire Council will be redeveloping Melksham Market Place from January 30th 2017. There are some exciting plans to enhance the entire area, as well as provide an access road to the new Health and Wellbeing Centre to be built on the Melksham House site.

Here is a diagram of the planned works:   market_place_plan.pdf 

Here is an illustration of the work phases over the next few months: Market_Place_Phasing.docx

Here is a letter from the Contractor to residents explaining the works: letter_from_Ringway.docx


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • When does work start?  Construction works are currently scheduled to start on January 29th.
  • Will the whole place be closed off or is it in phases and if so do you know which part when? The works will be undertaken in phases – see attached construction phasing plans and General Arrangement drawing.
  • Can people still park in the Market Place at all (including disabled)? The market place will not be available for vehicles to park during the works or following completion, with the exception of disabled parking. 
  • Disabled parking will be retained throughout the works, existing spaces can be used during phase 1 and 2. New spaces can be used during phase 3.
  • The taxi rank will be temporarily located on the High Street, adjacent to Lloyds bank during phases 1 and 2 and moved into the new location during phase 3.
  • The Bus stop will be temporarily located on the High Street, adjacent to Lloyds bank during phase 3.
  • The National Express pick up point (usually outside the Town Hall) will move across the road to the space outside Backhouse Bet for the duration of the works.
  • Will Melksham House car park will still be available and accessible? Yes, although we are intending to use the car park for the site compound, so capacity will be slightly reduced. There are alternative parking facilities in King Street and Church Street car parks.
  • Will the Assembly Hall and Blue Pool still be accessible? Yes.
  • What will happen to the Tuesday Market? This will be relocated to the Church Street Car Park for the duration of the works, and will return to the Market Place on completion.


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