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Thank you to our sponsors Lowden Garden Centre and Old Milestone Nursery for thir sponsorship this year.

With so many events unable to take place this year Melksham Town Council was pleased to be able to go ahead with the Melksham in Bloom Competition. The quality of entries was incredibly high and judges were very impressed. The prize for overall best garden went to Mr Arthur Ephgrave of Dowding Way, Bowerhill.

Arthur said, ‘I couldn’t believe it. I was so surprised! I want to say thank you to the organisers and judges for making it possible this year. We’ve had a bad time lately and we were looking forward to Melksham in Bloom, we look forward to it every year, I think everyone does. I had hoped to do well with the front garden because I put a lot of work into it this year, but to win overall, I was very happy with that!’

The judges enjoyed the opportunity to see all the gardens and allotments on the day. Saffi Rabey, one of the volunteer judges, said, ‘I was absolutely delighted to be asked to judge this year’s Melksham in Bloom. It was lovely to see just how much effort has gone into producing these beautiful gardens and I suppose in some strange way we have to thank lockdown for allowing us to be able to spend more time on our gardens. For me, it kept me busy and also fit both mentally and physically. Thank you to everyone who entered, it was an absolute pleasure to see your amazing gardens.’

Linda Roberts, Town Clerk, said, ‘We were always very keen that the competition should go ahead, as lockdown was so hard for many people. Melksham in Bloom gave everyone something to work towards and a chance to focus on something positive. We are also incredibly grateful to our sponsors, Lowden Garden Centre and Old Milestone Nursery, who have generously contributed to the prizes this year. It’s great when we can work with our local businesses to create something so positive for Melksham.

For feedback or further information please get in touch with miriamzaccarelli@melksham-tc.gov.uk or call 01225 704187.

The winners are listed below.

Front Garden - First: Mr Ephgrave. Joint second: Mrs Songhurst/Mr Gale. Third: Mr Petty

Rear Garden - First: Mrs Cartledge. Second: Mrs Harding. Third: Mrs Saunders.

Best single tub/container/ basket - First: Mr Petty. Second: Mr Ephgrave. Third: Mr and Mrs Sandford.

Best Water Feature - First: Mr Ephgrave. Second: Mrs Cartledge. Third: Mr and Mrs Sandford.

Best Innovative Design - First: Mr Walker. Second: Mr and Mrs Sandford.

Best Commercial/Club/School - First: Waitrose Upcycled Garden. Second: The Manor School. Third: Avon Bowls Club.

Residential Home - First: Thornleigh. Second: Wharf Court.

Best Street - First: Mobile Home Park. Second: Church Walk. Third: Woodcombe.

Best Allotment - First: Tracy Wakeley. Second: Mr Cotton. Third: Stu Wakeley.


Tallest Sunflower - First: Henry Holman (327.6cm). Second: Aksana Coxhead (276.8cm). Third: Raphael Jefferies (254cm)

Biggest Diameter of a Sunflower seedhead: First: Aksana Coxhead (38.1cm). Second: Henry Holman (27.9cm). Third: Raphael Jefferies (17.8cm).

Best Front garden Sunflower display: First: Henry Holman. Second: Aksana Coxhead.



All photographs are by Linda De Santiz

Arthur Ephgrave - Overall Winner 4

Mr Ephgrave in his winning garden. 

The Sandfords 4

Mr and Mrs Sandford


2020 Melksham in Bloom - Bruce Petty 7

Mr Petty


2020 Melksham in Bloom - Church Walk 14

Church Walk

2020 Melksham in Bloom - David Walker 2

Mr Walker


2020 Melksham in Bloom - Heather Songhurst 1

Heather Songhurst


Jo Baylisss Upcycled Garden at Waitrose 8

Waitrose Upcyced Garden - Jo Bayliss


The Manor School - upcycled garden 9

Manor School Upcycled Garden


Mary Saunders - rear garden 7

Mary Saunders 


Mobile Home Park 8

Mobile Home Park


Mr Adams - Plot 5 Addison 1

Mr Adams' Allotment


Mr Cotton - Plot 31 Southbrook 3

Mr Cotton's Allotment


Stu Wakeley 9

Stu Wakeley's Allotment


Tracy Wakeley 8

Tracy Wakeley's Allotment


Mr Gale 5

 Mr Gale
Mrs Cartledge 1
Mrs Cartledge
 Mrs Harding 19
Mrs Harding
Mrs Holman 7
Mrs Holman
Mrs Robinson 4
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Walby 4
  Mrs Walby
Nikki Rowe 2
Nikki Rowe
Stephen  Sue Faulkner 7
Mr and Mrs Faulkner


Thornleigh 6

Thornleigh Community


Wharf Court 11

Wharf Court


Woodcombe 3











South West in Bloom Melksham

bibsw with Terri

There is a committee of volunteers and Town Councillors who work all year round making Melksham look great. As well as planting, tidying and cleaning up Melksham, the committee also organises Melksham's entry into South West in Bloom. Melksham has won a Silver and three Silver Gilt awards and three GOLD awards! While 2020's competition was cancelled due to Covid 19, the team are still busy making the town look great for residents in Melksham to enjoy, regardless of judging.
More photos and updates are on the South West in Bloom Melksham page 
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