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COVID-19 Reponse

The Town Council is working hard as part of the Melksham Community Hub to help and support those who are vulnerable. If you would like support or would like to put yourself foward as a volunteer please sign up by clicking on the link. https://melkshamcommunity.co.uk/

Melksham Town Council has fifteen elected members, five from each of three wards.

All Town Councillors are volunteers. They must declare any pecuniary interests and these are registered here.

Melksham Central

Picture of Terri Welch

Terri Welch


11 Devonshire Place, SN12 7DW

Tel: 01225 702800

Picture of Hayley Spencer-Illman

Hayley Spencer-Illman

Deputy Town Mayor and Unitary Councillor

5 Blackmore Road, SN12 7HS

Mobile: 07910835865

Picture of Kathy Iles

Kathy Iles


31 Coronation Road, SN12 7PF

Mobile: 07736 241876

Picture of Martin Pain

Martin Pain


24 Thornbank, King Street, SN12 6JQ

Mobile: 07876 100546

Picture of Clive Jeffries

Clive Jeffries


Flat 9 Kenilworth Court Kenilworth Gardens SN12 6AE

Mobile: 07453 290979

Melksham North

Picture of Pat Aves

Pat Aves

Town and Unitary Councillor

29 Ingram Road, SN12 7JH

Tel: 01225 700633

Picture of Geoff Mitcham

Geoff Mitcham


33 Crescent Road, SN12 7EU

Tel: 01225 706463

Picture of Richard Wiltshire

Richard Wiltshire


31 Roundpond, SN12 8DL

Tel: 01225 708306

Picture of Caroline Andrewes

Caroline Andrewes


34 Redwing Road, SN12 7GB

Mobile: 07740 583848

Picture of Sue Brown

Sue Brown


84 Longford Road, SN12 6AX

Tel: 01225 702001

Melksham South

Picture of Jon Hubbard

Jon Hubbard

Town Mayor and Unitary Councillor

2 Sweetbriar Road, SN12 6FR

Tel: 01225 807969

Mobile: 07876 611388

Picture of Adrienne Westbrook

Adrienne Westbrook


29 Sandridge Road, SN12 7BQ

Tel: 01225 704584

Picture of Mike Sankey

Mike Sankey


32 Barnes Wallis Close, SN12 6UJ

Mobile: 07842 969069

Picture of Tony Watts

Tony Watts


Berkeley House, Longleaze Lane, SN12 6QJ

Mobile: 07545 733857

Picture of Vanessa Fiorelli

Vanessa Fiorelli


Mobile: 07399 179 723

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